martedì 23 agosto 2011

Who am I?

- english -

I'm a musician.
No, I'm not a pro. Maybe years ago I haven't had the required will and determination to make music my job for living. Yet, it would have been the natural path of my life. A graphic designer in a publishing house, that's what I ended to do for living. And... yes I live in Italy, south, deep south of Italy, at the center of an island between sun and sea that someone calls Sicily.
I'm not even much young anymore, but passion in making music never left me and never ended.
I played almost every kind of music, except for Jazz and Classical, I have not the required technical basis for that.
One of my main interests is making ambient music. I'm a guitarist who likes "having fun" with loopers and effects. But I can produce sound almost with everything, if necessary... (LOL!)
There's nothing intellectual in my music. My approach is mostly made up of instinct and emotion. I rather prefer intellectualizing after the creative process, if necessary. It's just a way to know myself better.
I act like an explorer who has surprise for everything but he knows when something great is found.
I've been criticized an appreciated. I had my “15 minutes fame” sometime.
I don't like to list what I've done.
I rather prefer to post my past, present and future with sounds, links, players, toughts, verses and bla bla bla
Ah, and... sorry for my English. In this and in any other future English post. Cheers

(This is the English version of my very first post in this blog made in may 2010)

4 commenti:

  1. I appreciate that you write in English because that makes your blog accessible for so many more readers! And to suck in English really is the new in thing. Haven't you heard about the new successful Asian businessmen that are so proud of their Pigeon English that they're doing everything to NOT speak proper Oxford English. It's both a branding thing and a way to honor their origin. Totally ok and a pretty cool attitude if you ask me :-)

  2. Glad about that Per, I will suck as much as possible with my English to look more cool! :)
    Well, you know I'm lucky to have many international contacts to share music, projects and thoughts with. So I decided to translate some of my old posts in this blog and to write both in Italian and English the next posts. Double work, I know, but I think it has its worth.

  3. Hey there Tano! I had no idea we had so much else in common. I am a graphic designer too. I worked for years in publishing, then the music industry, and now at an ad agency. And there is no shame in not being a so-called "pro" when your music is so fine. Like my own, I am sure, it is done for love. That's very heart of it isn't it? Anyway, I now feel like we are brothers of some sort. Best of regards. - Ted Killian

  4. :-) Thanx very much Ted, I knew you did a job like mine. No shame at all for my music. Maybe it's a little of regret, I always dreamed to be a music pro in my youth. BTW I'm happy for what I've done.
    About my job, I usually say: "Hey, it could go worse, I could be an employee in a postal office" :) Graphic designer is about creative stuff anyway. And meanwhile, I'll continue making music until my bones will run dry! :)