venerdì 18 luglio 2014

Summer of collaborations releases

It's becoming a summer of online releases in which I took and play the part as producer and guitarist.
Here's what I'm talking about:
Gate One
Released in July 2014, by Sucu Music, the netlabel I'm part of, Gate One is the debut album of TNKS, aka Francesco Palermo. It was an active collaboration between the artist and my side project Purple Mountain Peal. 

Download free these fine idm electronic tunes!

Feeling Out
by Federico Di GangiIs available on Spotify and iTunes
No matter what I did here, one thing I'm asking: please support this young artist!

Buy this good electronic music album!

martedì 26 novembre 2013

Parlano di noi

Lo scorso Venerdì, 22 novembre, su Radio Kairos è andato in onda il programma Save the netlabel, radio show dedicato alla musica indipendente, alle netlabel e alla cultura dello sharing gratuito grazie alla Creative Commons.
Questa volta Uden e Aghana, speakers del programma, hanno voluto dedicare la puntata a Sucu Music.
Hanno messo su tanta musica tratta dalle due release che abbiamo al momento, e a metà programma mi hanno anche chiamato per un'intervista telefonica, dove si è parlato di netlabel, di discografia, di musica indipendente, di passione per la musica e per le libere esperessioni artistiche e creative. Una piacevolissima ora e mezza che ripeterò volentieri.
Grazie "Save the netlabel"!

Clicca qui per ascoltare il podcast di tutta la puntata

venerdì 22 novembre 2013

My new release on Sucu Music netlabel

I'm twice proud to announce that my new release, Music For Toys Meditation is out now in free download at Sucu Music netlabel.

Proud once, cos' "a new 'something' for a musician is like having a new birth for a family". And it's just the way I feel.
Proud twice, cos' it has been released by the netlabel project I started some months ago with some friends.
Cover art, pencil drawing by Paolo Fastuca.
Almost all the tracks contain my first steps in a new kind of approach in playing live only with a guitar and an iPad.
Visit the release page, download it and feedback me somehow if you like.

mercoledì 20 novembre 2013

Sucu Music my idea for a netlabel

Sucu Music netlabel
the ambient electronic experimental place for free music

All the Sucu Music releases are in free download and published under the Creative Commons license 3.0

click here to start your free music experience

I always looked at the netlabels world with much interest cos' I believe that music distribution has deeply changed in these years and the old building of the traditional discography system is crumbling down, no matter what they can do sheltering to new distribution services as online streaming or online pay-per-downloads.
I had beautiful experiences with the netlabels I dealed with (Negative Sounde Institute above all).
Since the "web for all" as a new form of communication appeared to the world scene I've experienced how certain kind of music and artistic expressions could have never been distributed via the "traditional" music channels. They don't "produce" money and so they are of no interest to the commercial discography, but they DO HAVE an audience, larger than one can expect.
That's why I personally think that netlabels start where discography ends. And that's the reason why netlabels MUST distribute online music for free, protecting the artists at the same time.
The hard matter that a pro musician however has to be paid somehow, but a non-pro musician can produce valid music and be named artist as well as the pro, is a subject too complex and too long to discuss here, so let's discard it.

Sucu Music is my idea for a netlabel, created with the help of some friends on September 2013.

Sucu Music mainly was born driven by two needs:
1. I was tired of publishing on music sites things that was hard to make listen to people, despite of the social sharing efforts (no fear to admit it).
2. I thought that creating a netlabel only for my music woud have been quite stupid, so... let's do something not only for me but for the "bleeding art and artists" (Pink Floyd, The Wall), favoring local projects first, and all the creative musicians dealing with ambient electronic and experimental music with all their "manifestation and hybridization" (Tony Colina).

Who's helping me in this project?
Luca Sproviero, creative drummer, musician and producer, fond in good music, reading and single malt.
Tony Colina, talented pianist, multi-instrumentalist, writer, painter and... beer
Vincenzo Scuderi, smart web designer, music photography and comics lover, biker

Here is our manifesto, written by Tony, taken from the "About" section of the netlabel site.

Sucu Music is a netlabel based in Enna, Sicily, Italy. It started its operations in September 2013 and its aim is to produce and promote stimulating music entities, both local and otherwise.
The musical genres it deals with are ambient, experimental music, electronic music, improvisation in all their possible incarnations, manifestations and hybridizations.
Sucu Music wants to be a space wherein all the relational dynamics between and among these genres can develop and interact, bouncing from a field to the other as in a hall of mirrors, or a network of cross-references, led only by the musicians’ creativity and artistic feeling. A space wherein the freedom of musical action is not smothered by any restrictive logics of a commercial nature.
All the Sucu Music releases are meant for free downloading and published under Creative Commons License 3.0

giovedì 10 ottobre 2013

Into the Fukushima Drones compilation by Aural Films netlabel

- english -

Aural Films, an active netlabel dealing expecially with drones music, launched an interesting project and I was happy to contribute.
I took the chance to continue my current experiments making music with an iPad. I made this drone without using a guitar, preferring treating samples and sounds.
I was inspired by a time-lapse video on YouTube of a car trip along the places near Fukushima after the flood and the nuclear accident. Sorry I can't remember the name of the video or the link.
I was deeply impressed and moved by looking at the abandoned streets and buildings, you could almost smell and feel all the suffering.
So, my piece is just like moving through this places with a geiger counter sounding almost like a running train and evolving into something overwelming the senses toward the end (as it reached a "ground zero" of the disaster). It ends with a long trail of "bad memories" letting the constant "geiger train" alone.

The words of its founder about the project:
"Fukushima Drones is a compilation of drone tracks contributed by artists from around the world. This community project is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support efforts coping with the Fukushima Diaichi nuclear disaster."
It's a live project and everyone is free to contribute adding his music, according to the Aural Films music mission.

Click on the cover image below to listen or, better, download the compilation donating something for the cause

And this is my track

Into the 12-12-12 project compilation

- english -

Just like I did for the Looper's Delight 11-11-11 project, I was happy to collaborate to the next compilation project,
Looper's Delight 12-12-12 project, wanted and coordinated by Georgina Brett one year later.
She collected many artists' contribution who gave their livelooping vision to the last palindromic date. The concept was the same: compose/improvise something containing the digit twelve.
My music contribution title, Last time in my life, sounds a bit "dramatic" but so it was. The last time in my life to live in a perfect palindromic day, even though I'm aware that time is only a "human categorization". I have to admit that I had problems coming out with fair producing and mixing result. During the following months I definitely realized that the piece itself wasn't good at all. I'm sorry to write this but I ended totally denying this piece. It's really bad, I don't like it, maybe I never did.

Anyway, click on the image below to listen/download the compilation, so many good music inside, have a nice listening.

And this is my contribution

martedì 12 marzo 2013

La colonna sonora per "Il risveglio"

The Awakening. My soundtrack for "Il risveglio" a tale by Tony Colina.

Me: ambient guitars, samples, grooves, treatments
Tony Colina: narrator, catatonic guitar, distorted piano.

"Il risveglio" è un racconto che fa parte della raccolta "Ultime notizie: fine del mondo" un libro edito da Navarra Editore.

Presentato di recente ad Enna, l'autore mi ha piacevolmente coinvolto nella sonorizzazione del reading.
Questa è la versione studio di ciò che più o meno è accaduto in quella sera di febbraio del 2013.