mercoledì 24 agosto 2011

Ambient guitar 2.0 personal upgrade

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There's a statement I usually put in my social media profiles, and it is this: “For me as for many others, everything started with Brian Eno. I never played guitar the same ever since”.
For me it started about in 1985... but I won't bore you... Let's jump to more recent times.
While already committed in making experimental and electronic music with the project NenTE since 2000, about six years later I was encouraged by the chance to promote ones music world wide in the Internet. So I resumed some music ideas set aside and decided to play ambient music as a solo again (the NenTE activity still continues its life). I wanted to renew my gears. I bought some rack mounted effects, I discovered the Looper's Delight website community and I felt that “live looping” would be one of my “ways”. I bought an Echoplex Digital Pro+ from an Ebayer from Tucson (it was impossible to find this loop machine in Italy) and started playing exploring the sonic chances offered by my brand renewed rig.
I wouldn't have bet a buck if someone told me I would have met many of the talented artists active in LD few years later at the Y2KX International Livelooping Festival in Santa Cruz, CA.
This is a picture from my profile on Myspace, the caption says "Ambient construction devices"
Ok, let's see in the next posts what I've done with this, during the following years...

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