giovedì 10 ottobre 2013

Into the Fukushima Drones compilation by Aural Films netlabel

- english -

Aural Films, an active netlabel dealing expecially with drones music, launched an interesting project and I was happy to contribute.
I took the chance to continue my current experiments making music with an iPad. I made this drone without using a guitar, preferring treating samples and sounds.
I was inspired by a time-lapse video on YouTube of a car trip along the places near Fukushima after the flood and the nuclear accident. Sorry I can't remember the name of the video or the link.
I was deeply impressed and moved by looking at the abandoned streets and buildings, you could almost smell and feel all the suffering.
So, my piece is just like moving through this places with a geiger counter sounding almost like a running train and evolving into something overwelming the senses toward the end (as it reached a "ground zero" of the disaster). It ends with a long trail of "bad memories" letting the constant "geiger train" alone.

The words of its founder about the project:
"Fukushima Drones is a compilation of drone tracks contributed by artists from around the world. This community project is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support efforts coping with the Fukushima Diaichi nuclear disaster."
It's a live project and everyone is free to contribute adding his music, according to the Aural Films music mission.

Click on the cover image below to listen or, better, download the compilation donating something for the cause

And this is my track

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