giovedì 10 ottobre 2013

Into the 12-12-12 project compilation

- english -

Just like I did for the Looper's Delight 11-11-11 project, I was happy to collaborate to the next compilation project,
Looper's Delight 12-12-12 project, wanted and coordinated by Georgina Brett one year later.
She collected many artists' contribution who gave their livelooping vision to the last palindromic date. The concept was the same: compose/improvise something containing the digit twelve.
My music contribution title, Last time in my life, sounds a bit "dramatic" but so it was. The last time in my life to live in a perfect palindromic day, even though I'm aware that time is only a "human categorization". I have to admit that I had problems coming out with fair producing and mixing result. During the following months I definitely realized that the piece itself wasn't good at all. I'm sorry to write this but I ended totally denying this piece. It's really bad, I don't like it, maybe I never did.

Anyway, click on the image below to listen/download the compilation, so many good music inside, have a nice listening.

And this is my contribution

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