giovedì 13 ottobre 2011

Remembering Y2KX International Livelooping Festival (Part 1)

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These days (october 12-17, 2011) are the days of the annual Y2KX+1 International Livelooping Festival. Many artists from many countries in the world join together to share music and visions about a unique and extremely creative way to make music with loop devices of any kind, all down in Santa Cruz and San Jose, kindly hosted by Rick and Bill Walker and all their friends.
A wonderful community in which, I understood, that "livelooping" is almost a "way of life".
Last year I was a performer, and it was one of the most beautiful experience in my life. This year... I'm at home... Hope to make it in a future edition somehow.
Anyway here is my contribution to remember those days.

One year ago today (october 13, 2010) I played at Anno Domini Gallery in San Jose. Here is my set of that night in three parts, enjoy:

Pseudo @ Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, CA (Part 1)

Pseudo @ Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, CA (Part 2)

Pseudo @ Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, CA (Part 3)

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